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I’ll be on the radio Monday (May 26th) at 6 p.m., chatting with Dorian Devins about my recent book Group Theory in the Bedroom, and Other Mathematical Diversions. If you’re within shouting range of Jersey City, N.J., you can listen in on WFMU; otherwise, stream it live over the net; or wait for the podcast. (Incidentally, even if you have no interest in listening to my self-promotional rants, I recommend the WFMU web site for excellent advice and instructions on doing Internet radio.)

In other GTiBaOMD news, I received a Google Alert the other day, pointing me to a new review of the book. When I followed the link, I was momentarily perplexed. Before I could see the review, I had to press a button bearing the legend: “I am over 18 and agree to the viewing of sexually explicit material.” As it happens, the page that awaited me beyond this warning had no sexually explicit material at all. Indeed, that lack was the essence of the reviewer’s complaint:

Sex and Math. You would think I would be in heaven at the mere thought that somebody had written a book combining these two things. And this book would be heaven if it had combined those two things. Instead, sadly, this is a case where the title is both a little too literal and yet not quite accurate.

Point taken. It’s true that there’s little titillation in my tale of mattress-flipping. Considering that disappointment, the reviewer’s assessment is remarkably even-handed. (“Would I recommend this book? Sure, especially if you have a fancy for computing, math and solving problems.”) Thanks, Naughty Bookworm.

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One Response to Promoting my promotions

  1. Barry Cipra says:

    “In other GTiBaOMD news…”

    Don’t you mean GTitBaOMD? Or even GTitB,aOMD?

    BTW, it’s a wonderful book. I keep it by my bedside in case I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.