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Kepler’s snowflake

The Kepler conjecture—the one about stacking cannonballs or oranges—is now the Hales theorem, though with a cruelly lingering asterisk. Thomas C. Hales announced his proof in 1998, and it was published in 2005 and 2006 (links). But the referees were unable to fully … Continue reading

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World3, the video

Still more on World3 and The Limits to Growth. Two weeks ago I gave a talk at Harvard on all this, and the video is now online. Look for the Brian Hayes–March 30 link near the bottom of the page. … Continue reading

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World3, the public beta

Forty years ago I had my first close encounter with mathematical models of doomsday. The Limits to Growth, published in the spring of 1972, offered a grim vision of environmental and economic collapse, based on the implacable logic of a … Continue reading

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