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Revised and Updated

The new edition of my big picturebook, Infrastructure: A Guide to the Industrial Landscape, was published October 27th and is now on display in better bookstores everywhere. Above is the cover; below is the book as seen in the wild—on … Continue reading

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The Jevons Number

I was doing some reading in the history of cryptography when I came upon a reference to a 1996 article by Solomon W. Golomb. Golomb always has something interesting to say, so I had to go off and find the … Continue reading

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Googling the lexicon

In 1860, when work began on the New English Dictionary on Historical Principles (better known today as the Oxford English Dictionary), the basic plan was to build an index to all of English literature. Volunteer readers would pore over texts … Continue reading

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On the air

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a gig on “The State of Things,” broadcast by North Carolina Public Radio. The main subject of discussion will be Scott Huler’s new book On the Grid; I’ll be present as supporting cast (call me a … Continue reading

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Pub date

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for the paperback edition of Group Theory in the Bedroom, and Other Mathematical Diversions: It’s finally here. Today is the official release date. For those of you waiting for the movie … Continue reading

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