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Advances in Obfuscation

Richard M. Stallman, the gnuru of the free software movement, has launched a campaign to liberate JavaScript. His call to action begins: “You may be running nonfree programs on your computer every day without realizing it—through your web browser.” My … Continue reading

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Who was Aleph Null?

Thirty years ago this month Scientific American launched a new column called “Computer Recreations.” I wrote the first six installments, then passed the baton to A. K. Dewdney. Soon after the first column appeared, we received a letter pointing out … Continue reading

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Black and white in one dimension

At the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington I find myself writing again about racial segregation, and specifically about Thomas C. Schelling’s mathematical model of how people wind up living in monochrome neighborhoods. I have mentioned Schelling’s model several … Continue reading

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