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Easy as abc

It all starts with the equation a + b = c, which looks straightforward enough. Assume that a, b and c are positive integers that have no divisors in common other than 1; for example, the triple {1, 2, 3} … Continue reading

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Amazon poker

Investors are constantly checking the stock ticker, gamblers check the point spread, and everybody is forever checking their e-mail. For a writerly type like me, however, the unshakeable obsession is checking my Amazon sales rank. calculates a sales rank … Continue reading

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Welcome MAA readers

I am pleased and proud to note that the previous posting in this space (A mathematical fable previsited) is doing double duty as a column for MAA Online, the Web presence of the Mathematical Association of America. Just so I … Continue reading

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A mathematical fable previsited

A year ago, in my American Scientist column, I was deconstructing the oft-told tale of Carl Friedrich Gauss and his boyhood triumph over a despotic schoolmaster. As the story goes, Gauss applied a bit of mathematical ingenuity to quickly solve … Continue reading

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