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Computing graphics

I often use a computer to create graphics, but there was a time when I used graphics to compute. That era came back to me the other day in the library. I was browsing among dusty volumes in the folio … Continue reading

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My friends up north tell me they have quite enough snowflakes already, thank you. Nevertheless, Janko Gravner and David Griffeath are making more. Or, rather, they’re making snowfakes (the word is theirs, not mine): In case there’s any doubt, the … Continue reading

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JMM notes and snippets

From the listener’s point of view, the utility curve for mathematics talks seems to look something like the plot at right. If you already know everything about a subject before you walk into the room, you’re not likely to learn … Continue reading

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JMM pixel dump

There’s a lot of mathematics going on here in San Diego, and I’m taking notes. But for now, what I have to offer is a bucket of pixels: It’s hard to get excited about the architecture of convention centers. They’re … Continue reading

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The fellow across the aisle is a stranger to me, but I know we share a destination. He’s scanning the index of the meeting program, presumably looking for friends or colleagues delivering a paper. When I unfold myself from seat … Continue reading

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