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Scheme, the dialect of Lisp invented by Guy Lewis Steele, Jr., and Gerald Jay Sussmann, is my first love among programming languages, though I haven’t always been faithful. There’s a new draft standard for Scheme now circulating at The … Continue reading

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Softer infrastructure

For those who’ve been waiting patiently… My book Infrastructure: A Field Guide to the Industrial Landscape is just out in paperback. Except for the cover and the price, it’s identical to the hard-cover edition (errors and all!). Statistics: characters: 1,302,389 … Continue reading

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Only connect!

Euclid famously said, “There is no royal road to geometry.” Among the non-royal roads, the computational pathway is notably muddy, rutty and potholed. Over the weekend I needed to write a program for a simple geometric task—finding the intersection of … Continue reading

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