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The keys to the keydom

Your security and privacy on the Internet (to the extent that such quaint notions still have meaning) depend on the difficulty of factoring certain large numbers. For example, take this 1,024-bit integer: X = 123784517654557044204572030015647643260197571566202790882488143432336664289 53013160757127360381500856200680250007894557646372684708763884626821078230649 285613963510276802208436872101227718450860737080502115462982139570265498874808 3875440199841915223400907734192655713097895866822706517949507993107455319103401 The number printed above … Continue reading

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Tetrahedra with a twist

A year ago, when I was playing with Geomag models of sphere clusters, I stumbled upon this curious object, a helix assembled from tetrahedra linked face to face: I certainly wasn’t the first to discover it. A. H. Boerdijk described … Continue reading

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