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Ten years of bit-playing

Scribble, scribble, scribble. As if the world didn’t get enough of my writing already, with a bimonthly column in American Scientist, now I’m equipped to publish my every thought on a momen’t notice. That’s how it all began here on … Continue reading

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Net pests (not)

Last night I posted this note: Since Sunday afternoon has been under some sort of mysterious DDoS attack, with a rotating suite of IP numbers repeatedly downloading the same PDF files several times a second. For the time being, … Continue reading

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Who was Aleph Null?

Thirty years ago this month Scientific American launched a new column called “Computer Recreations.” I wrote the first six installments, then passed the baton to A. K. Dewdney. Soon after the first column appeared, we received a letter pointing out … Continue reading

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Dante’s Infernet

In a few days bit-player will celebrate its seventh birthday. (The first published post was dated January 9, 2006.) The original design for the web site was thrown together in haste, and I’ve long been meaning to give it a … Continue reading

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New year, new bit-player

New server, new design, new ambitions. It’s been a big project. More later, when I’ve slept. In the meantime, feel free to poke around.

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