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A Glitch in the Maptrix

We must always be on the lookout for glitches in the Matrix—anomalies that give us a fleeting glimpse into the algorithms and data structures of the computer simulation that we call Reality. But there’s also the Maptrix, the alternative reality … Continue reading

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Try a little tendrilness

I was in Florida for the New Horizons in Science briefings of the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing. On my way home I took a detour to hike a few miles through the Green Swamp, west of Orlando. … Continue reading

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The friendlier skies

It’s not the best picture I’ve ever snapped while climbing out of Logan Airport, but it’s the first one in years that I haven’t taken furtively, palming the camera to conceal it from the cabin crew. And what if the … Continue reading

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Joshua Trees and Toothpicks

After the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego last month, I took a day off for some botanical and mathematical tourism. I drove up to Joshua Tree National Park, in the high desert beyond the San Bernardino Mountains. The park’s … Continue reading

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The Flyover States

On a flight from Boston to San Diego yesterday I had a window seat on the shady side. The weather was clear, and over much of the continent a dusting of snow combined with low winter sun angles to highlight … Continue reading

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