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Permissive Actions

Steven M. Bellovin gave a fascinating talk yesterday on a subject he knows nothing about. Okay, I should rephrase that. Bellovin knows everything you can know about his subject without actually knowing anything, but he’s careful to point out that … Continue reading

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Best Friends

Among children of a certain age, everyone has a best friend—and exactly one. Ideally, the best-friend relationship is symmetric: If I am your best friend, then you are my best friend, too. But symmetry is not guaranteed, and it can … Continue reading

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First Bites

In the game of Chomp, the player who moves first always has a guaranteed winning strategy. This fact might seem to take all the suspense out of the game, but it doesn’t. Except in the smallest and simplest games, no … Continue reading

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More Math Notes from San Antonio

I went to the Joint Mathematics Meetings two weeks ago with the idea that I would post reports live and on location from San Antonio. I was dazzled by the mere possibility of doing this. Sitting in a lecture hall, … Continue reading

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San Antonio: Still More Talks

Graph Limits and Graph Homomorphisms. Laszlo Lovasz (Microsoft). The field of graph theory has been transformed by recent interest in understanding properties of very large graphs, most notably those that describe communications networks such as the Internet and the Web. … Continue reading

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