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Erreurs de mathématiciens

At the library the other day I requested an old book from off-site storage. When I called for it at the circulation desk, I felt as I would when buying some lurid tabloid at the drugstore checkout counter. The book … Continue reading

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Abel to Zygmund

Potentates and plutocrats get their names plastered all over the landscape, but as far as I know you can’t yet buy the naming rights to a theorem in mathematics. You’ve got to actually do the math. I’ve just (belatedly) discovered … Continue reading

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Radio alert

Christopher Joyce of National Public Radio is about to launch a series of reports on the “Industriosphere,” in which I am taking part. As in my book Infrastructure: A Field Guide to the Industrial Landscape, the subject matter is all … Continue reading

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Running on empty

Driving over the river and through the woods yesterday, I was running low on fuel. My car has two kinds of instruments to tell me that I’ll soon be standing by the side of the road feeling foolish. A conventional … Continue reading

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Jacobsthal numbers

In an item published here last May I stumbled across the sequence 1 3 5 11 21 43 85 171 341 683 1365 2731 5461 10923 21845 43691 87381 174763 349525 699051 which I dubbed “the oddest numbers” but which … Continue reading

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