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Antinomies on the landscape

From the Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Travel Guide to the Pacific Northwest, page 218: In spite of its name, False Creek is not a creek at all….

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Programming Perlisms

Reminiscing about Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs led me to pull the book off the shelf, and I was taken in once more by the epigraph from the late Alan J. Perlis: I think that it’s extraordinarily important that … Continue reading

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A thought for the day: Our federal income tax law defines the tax y to be paid in terms of the income x; it does so in a clumsy enough way by pasting several linear functions together, each valid in … Continue reading

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Ask any molecule what it thinks about the second law of thermodynamics and it will laugh at the question. All the same the molecules, collectively, uphold the second law. —John Archibald Wheeler, At Home in the Universe, 1994, p. 283.

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Quote of the day

In the fall of 1972 President Nixon announced that the rate of increase of inflation was decreasing. This was the first time a sitting president used the third derivative to advance his case for reelection. —Hugo Rossi, Notices of the … Continue reading

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