Welcome MAA readers

I am pleased and proud to note that the previous posting in this space (A mathematical fable previsited) is doing double duty as a column for MAA Online, the Web presence of the Mathematical Association of America.

Just so I can’t be accused of favoritism, I’ll also mention the American Mathematical Society, where Tony Phillips’s Math in the Media column discusses another item of mine.

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5 Responses to Welcome MAA readers

  1. Barry Cipra says:

    “Just so I can’t be accused of favoritism…”

    SIAM, the Cinderella of math societies, picks through the ashes while her stepsisters attend the ball….

  2. brian says:

    Oh, you’re breaking my heart. But, try as I might, I just can’t see myself as Prince Charming.

  3. Mike Breen says:

    Prince Brian,

    You must have a very sophisticated readership (except for Barry, of course) to be able to guess the next term in a sequence derived by subtracting adjacent perfect squares.

  4. brian says:


    The system is actually designed to gauge the sophistication of the aspiring commenter, and it presents a challenge appropriate to his or her abilities. You, of course, were recognized as top-caliber and given one of the toughest challenges available. Congratulations!

  5. Barry Cipra says:

    The spam filter gauged my level well too. It gave me 1,3,5,7,9,11,…? I hope I gave the right answer!