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Methuselah’s choice

My late friend Stan Ulam used to remark that his life was sharply divided into two halves. In the first half, he was always the youngest person in the group; in the second half, he was always the oldest. There … Continue reading

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World3, the video

Still more on World3 and The Limits to Growth. Two weeks ago I gave a talk at Harvard on all this, and the video is now online. Look for the Brian Hayes–March 30 link near the bottom of the page. … Continue reading

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Dotted lines

Where I grew up, a dotted line ran through the neighborhood, just beyond my back yard. On maps, that line marked the boundary between the city of Philadelphia and its inner-ring suburbs. On the ground, it was a racial divide—absolute … Continue reading

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The big blip

If you were an astute or lucky stock trader on the afternoon of May 6, you could have bought shares of Accenture PLC for a penny each and sold them a minute later for almost $40. Or you could have … Continue reading

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The linguistic arrow of time

Two recent notes on the Language Log, by Sally Thomason and Mark Liberman, discuss a nutty book, The Secret History of the English Language, by M. J. Harper. I haven’t read the book, but according to the Language Loggers, Harper … Continue reading

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