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I’ve been Scrabbling by email lately. In today’s game my partner started out by playing H E X and I responded with A H W E E X At this point my opponent might well have continued with another three-letter … Continue reading

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Electoral rehex

A few weeks ago I playfully suggested that the Democratic nominee for POTUS might be selected this year by a game of hex played on the map of the lower 48 states. I emphasize the word “playfully.” This was not … Continue reading

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The Lower 48 graph

The interesting thread of comments on Wednesday’s post about “electoral hex” led me to look more closely at the graph for the Lower 48 states: I’ve constructed the graph—and it wasn’t easy, by the way—on the rule that two states … Continue reading

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Electoral hex

Democrats here in the U.S. are having quite a primary season. With high hopes of winning the general election in November, we are deadlocked over which candidate to nominate. Should we just wait to let the delegates slug it out … Continue reading

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How many Sudokus?

The answer to the question in the headline is: Too many. After I wrote about Sudoku a couple a years ago, I thought I had cured my addiction; but I’ve been a shameless backslider. I return to the subject now, … Continue reading

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