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Fly me to the end of the alphabet

When I got to the Raleigh-Durham airport for a flight home last week, I was confronted with the following list of departures—almost half of which were actually nondepartures: I wasn’t surprised by the numerous cancellations and delays (flagged in red). … Continue reading

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Remember the memristor?

Less than two years ago, I was reading and writing about a new kind of passive circuit element—the memristor, a companion to the resistor, the capacitor and the inductor. (See the bit-player coverage, a bit-player followup and my American Scientist … Continue reading

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Stop lights

For something like 80 years, a traffic light was an ordinary incandescent light bulb mounted behind a colored glass lens. Then, in 1999, LED signal lights began appearing at street corners; the light bulb was replaced by an array of … Continue reading

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Oh, the places I’ve been!

When I heard the rumors that my iPhone was tracking my movements and keeping a log of location data, I was annoyed. Now that Apple has fixed this bug/feature, I’m even more annoyed. There’s just no pleasing me. The fuss … Continue reading

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More on the memristor meme

I have two postscripts to my American Scientist column on memristors and the  related posting here on bit-player. First up is a charming preprint by Yuriy V. Pershin and Massimiliano Di Ventra on “Solving mazes with memristors: a massively-parallel approach.” The … Continue reading

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