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The ormat game

Here’s the deal. I’m going to give you a square grid, with some of the cells colored and others possibly left blank. We’ll call this a template. Perhaps the grid will be one of these 3×3 templates: You have a … Continue reading

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Four questions about fuzzy rankings

The National Research Council is getting ready to release a new assessment of graduate-education programs in the U.S. The previous study, published in 1995, gave each Ph.D.-granting department a numerical score between 0 and 5, then listed all the programs … Continue reading

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The thrill of the chase

How I love to go out hunting on a bright Sunday morning—though it’s not my style to shoot furry/feathery/finny animals. My game is to get up early and stalk a wily factoid. A posting from Mat Roberts, whose blog I’ve recently … Continue reading

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Fake fits

A few weeks ago I committed an act of deception. I needed a graph showing a few sets of data points, with curves fitted to them. This was strictly for show; neither the points nor the curves would mean anything; … Continue reading

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Statistical error

Tom Siegfried, the editor of Science News, has published a blistering indictment of statistical methods in science and medicine. I am moved to speak for the defense. Siegfried discusses a number of specific cases, mainly drawn from the biomedical literature, … Continue reading

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