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Today’s catch

Every morning I go fishing in the arXiv. Or at least that’s the way I’ve been thinking about this daily ritual: I cast my net over the waters and look to see what strange and wonderful creatures I’ve brought up … Continue reading

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A reversible eraser

Still more on reversible and zero-energy computing (see earlier bit-player posts here and here, and the American Scientist column): M. Maissam Barkeshli of the University of California at Berkeley has a preprint titled “Dissipationless Information Erasure and Landauer’s Principle.” (The … Continue reading

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Magnetic attractions

When I was a kid, there were no toys I treasured more than magnets. I had dozens of them: horseshoes, bars, a couple of powerful alnico cylinders salvaged from old loudspeakers. The invisible but very palpable forces acting between these … Continue reading

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