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A slight discrepancy

The image above shows the mesh top of a patio table, photographed after a soaking rain. Some of the openings in the mesh retain drops of water. What can we say about the distribution of those drops? Are they sprinkled … Continue reading

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The first snow of the season is always a treat. When the flakes start flying, I want to go out and play. I even want to go out and shovel. Here in the Boston area our first storm left a particularly … Continue reading

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The ormat game

Here’s the deal. I’m going to give you a square grid, with some of the cells colored and others possibly left blank. We’ll call this a template. Perhaps the grid will be one of these 3×3 templates: You have a … Continue reading

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The snarXiv

The snarXiv is a ran­dom high-energy the­ory paper gen­er­a­tor incor­po­rat­ing all the lat­est trends, entropic rea­son­ing, and excit­ing mod­uli spaces. The arXiv is sim­i­lar, but occa­sion­ally less ran­dom. Inspiring! Soon bit-player, too, will be generated by a context-free grammar, and … Continue reading

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Flights of fancy

As I have mentioned in the past, I’m fascinated by the acrobatics of bird flocks, especially the big congregations of European starlings that gather in the evening at this time of year. Evidently I’m not the only one with such … Continue reading

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