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The pi man

Some weeks ago a reader sent me a note about an old article of mine, written back in 1989. The PDF, he reported, was missing a page. So I went scrounging through some untidy heaps of papers, found a copy, … Continue reading

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A Glitch in the Maptrix

We must always be on the lookout for glitches in the Matrix—anomalies that give us a fleeting glimpse into the algorithms and data structures of the computer simulation that we call Reality. But there’s also the Maptrix, the alternative reality … Continue reading

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Cosmic eggshells

In the creation myths of certain cultures, the world began as an egg, which broke open to form the earth and the sky. What if some intrepid explorer mounted an expedition to the ends of the earth and came back … Continue reading

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Net pests (not)

Last night I posted this note: Since Sunday afternoon has been under some sort of mysterious DDoS attack, with a rotating suite of IP numbers repeatedly downloading the same PDF files several times a second. For the time being, … Continue reading

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Notes from the JMM

The annual Joint Mathematics Meetings are one of those vast smörgåsbord meals where you can’t possibly eat everything. I managed to sample 1 percent of the menu this year. By my count, the four days of meetings included 2,743 scheduled … Continue reading

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